Beat The Heat And Pump Up Your Energy The Healthy Way


While the sun might not be your best friend during the harsh summers, you need to look at the bright side of the season. Summers are the best times to pick out some of the freshest fruits and these fruits can be combined to help you create some of the best drinks with the best masticating juicer that will help you beat the heat and stay healthy.

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits that you can buy during summers and if you thought that the only thing you could pull up with this fruit was a strawberry milkshake, then you need to reconsider and appreciate the fruit a little more. There are a number of healthy and tasty smoothies that you can pull off with strawberries. If you’ve been looking for a new mocktail smoothie to excite your taste buds then you need to try the super easy Strawberry and Banana Smoothie.

This is a super easy recipe which involves no fuss at all. Here’s what you need – 6 – 8 large strawberries or 10 medium sized ones, half a glass of ice, 2 bananas (Ripe but not over ripe) and half a glass of milk or soy milk, a few mint leaves for garnishing. If you’re thinking we forgot to mention sugar then you’re wrong, bananas are sweet and they manage to provide this smoothie with all the sweetness you need to get this smoothie going. This recipe will pull off two glasses of the perfect strawberry and banana smoothie which is great for all age groups. Bananas and strawberries are two fruits majority of the people love and when these two are combined together they bring out flavors which are soothing and cooling. This is exactly what someone is looking for on a hot summer afternoon.