How To Configure Wallpaper On Windows Computers

How To Configure Wallpaper On Windows Computers

Windows is the most common systems software among computers nowadays. As a matter of fact, a huge majority of computers, more than 90% are all powered by or operate on Windows. While Windows computers come with wallpaper pre-sets, the designs may fall short in terms of people’s taste or preferences. There are a lot of Descargar fondos de pantalla which you can download with ease on the internet, which would suit your preference and how you would want your computer to feel over-all whenever you use it. If you have difficulty in configuring your wallpaper, then below are the ways to do so for certain versions.

XP, 95, 98, and Me

Changing the desktop background on these computers are really simple, as all you have to do is right-click anywhere on the desktop, go to properties, and then choose the background that you would want. Once this is done, you may then click on the Apply icon, or click OK to have your changes confirmed. Simple as that.

Windows 7, Vista

The Wallpaper tab should be clicked with the right mouse button on the desktop. Customize should then be clicked, then Wallpaper tab, then below the Image location, click Browse to choose among the images that are already preset. Once you have already selected the change of choice, and once its done, press “Save Changes”.

Windows 8 to 10

For the three latest Windows Versions, specifically for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, there are slightly more options when it comes to choosing the wallpaper. You can either get a solid color, select an image and open the file browser, and from here be able to select the image’s destination route. Once the image of choice has already been selected, click on “choose image” and you’re done!