Secure Tabs: Medications For Men’s Problems

Secure Tabs: Medications For Men’s Problems

Male-Pattern Baldness, Erectile Dysfunction, and a loss of Libido or sex-drive are some of the most frequently heard-of problems that men face whenever they are of old age. The former can make men lose their confidence, and can make them look older than they actually are, if the onset is too early. Erectile Dysfunction could also deprive husbands and wives the chance to be more intimate in their latter years of being married, which could in effect, sour their relationship. Securetabs is a haven for Medications that would help men combat these issues that they would be dealing with when they grow old. While Viagra and Cialis are already common, what other medications do they have? Let’s find out below.


There are a lot of medications out in the market, both herbal and pharmaceutical that would help you treat your hair loss. Unlike most medications, Propecia, with the active Ingredient Finasteride is to be taken orally among men who are suffering from hairloss. It gets straight to the culprit, which is the DHT hormone, and thus is more effective than topical Minoxidil. Aside from hairloss, it can also be used to treat BPH, or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia for enlargement of Prostate.


With Vardenafil as an Active Ingredient, Levitra is one of the iconic treatments for impotence, and for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. It’s more expensive than Viagra, at $1.00 per pill, but is a good choice if you’re looking for fast results and little side effects. It’s one of the most popular prescriptions among men with the said problem. One of the side effects that it does not really carry is the visual disturbance which can be expected in the drug of the said nature.

As with all other medications, one should consult a doctor prior to taking the said medications.