888 And Other Symbols Of Luck

888 And Other Symbols Of Luck

Luck, or good fortune is something that we all know, and is something that all of us aspire to have, every single day of our lives. Even if that is not the reality, we would do just about everything in order for us to attract good luck. This is most especially true in online games, where no matter how well you employ strategy, your luck is something that would matter greatly. With that said, it is not at all a surprise that games like SCR888 are around, where the numbers 888 are prominently displayed. There also are other elements that are thought to bring forth good luck. What are some of these? Let’s find out below!

The 888 Symbol

The 888 symbol is something that is not at all a mere coincidence. In a lot of Asian cultures, the symbol for number 8 is considered to be lucky, where the 8 resembles the “infinity” loop. There are some numerology systems that equate numbers with bad luck and good luck. In the case of 8, it is a lucky number simply because it goes round and round, which can be equated to infinite blessings. Similar principles are applied for other numbers. Those with a downward depiction like 4 or 7 are unlucky, or bring forth “bad luck”. Furthermore, in certain Chinese dialects, “4” sounds similar to death, which is why it is considered to be unlucky.

Other Symbols of Luck

There are a lot of symbols that bring forth good luck, which can be of great help, as they believe, in luck-based games like SCR888. This includes ornaments like the Buddha, or the cat, as well as vibrant colors of red. It can also include certain stones and gems, and several other elements that resemble things that are generally perceived to be good.